Online Marketing

Papergroup is an Online Marketing Firm based in Las Vegas, NV that specializes in Online Reputation (SEO) PPC and Website Development. We will assist and build specific tools for our clients to reach their Online Marketing Goals, and build the right brand around your Business, Products and Services. We will develop a plan and work to fit your marketing budget and give you the best market prices.

Our Solutions Are Build Specifically to Drive NEW Customers.

Social Media

Online Marketing and Social market share is rising, thanks to services like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

According to a 2014 study, “88% of all companies that have conducted social media advertising are satisfied with it.” Indeed, social commercials are steadily permeating our everyday lives, in the forms of billboards, apps, TV, and even print media. There is a large increase of businesses using video via YouTube for local business pages such as Google Local (formerly known as Google Places) which was integrated as part of the Google Plus network in 2012.


In Branding, Every Opportunity to Impress the Organization’s (or the individual’s)

Brand upon the customer is called a brand touch point (or brand contact point.) Such examples include everything from TV and other online marketing ,media advertisements, event sponsorships, webinars, and personal selling to even product packaging.

Online Marketing


Online Marketing is focused on the product/service ands  is primarily concerned with demand generation and product/service positioning.

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